On Energy provides consulting services in the energy and engineering sector

On Energy offer strategic guidance to clients across various focus areas and sectors. With years of experience providing expert guidance to clients, we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the trends and challenges of our clients’ industries.

Our firm serves clients in a range of sectors, including but not limited to off-grid energy, energy efficiency, environment, women empowerment, construction, solar energy, clean cooking, electricity and more. Our team of experts has hands-on experience in these industries, making us well-suited to provide comprehensive and unique solutions to our client’s problems.

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On Energy offer strategic guidance to clients across various focus areas and sectors. ON ENERGY works with clients to integrate energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions into existing and planned electrical systems.  On Energy offers comprehensive multi-disciplinary services in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency technology development, production, and marketing, energy resource assessment, socioeconomic surveys, feasibility studies, and monitoring and evaluation, and marketing studies. With years of experience providing expert guidance to clients, we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the trends and challenges of our clients’ industries. 


Our vision is to become leading engine for developing smart, sustainable and clean energy solutions.


Our mission is to transform the way we generate and use energy, optimize renewable energy systems, and collectively take the responsibility of weaving a sustainable future by utilizing clean energy sources.

Founder story

Once upon a time, in the vibrant city of Addis Ababa, nestled in the heart of a country rich in untapped renewable energy resources, a young girl named Filagot was raised. Surrounded by the bustling energy of her city, she developed a deep-rooted enthusiasm for the natural resources that surrounded her, particularly the abundant solar energy that bathed her homeland in its golden rays. As she grew, Filagot witnessed the transformation of her once less active city into a thriving metropolis, fueled by the boundless potential of its renewable energy sources. Inspired by the growth and development she witnessed firsthand, Filagot embarked on a journey of discovery and learning, soaking in knowledge from her family and the vibrant community that surrounded her. Fueled by her passion for development, particularly in the energy sector, Filagot embarked on a quest to become a world-class professional in the field. Her journey took her far beyond the borders of her homeland, as she traveled to various countries across different continents, gaining invaluable insights into the pivotal role that energy plays in driving a country’s economy forward. Driven by her unwavering passion, Filagot dedicated herself to coordinating diverse teams of like-minded professionals, spanning the realms of engineering, finance, ICT, policy, gender equality, and agriculture, to collaborate on government-led projects aimed at harnessing the abundant energy resources of her homeland. Undeterred by the challenges she faced, Filagot tirelessly advocated for the recognition and utilization of local capacity, champion the cause of sustainable energy development. In 2017, fueled by her vision and determination, Filagot founded her own consulting company in the energy space, carving out a niche for herself as a practicing professional Electrical Engineer. Her expertise and passion for her work led her to become a prominent figure in the industry, serving in various engineering positions across the fields of industry, construction, and consultancy. But Filagot’s journey did not stop there. Recognizing the need for greater representation and empowerment of women in the energy sector, she co-founded the Ethiopian Women in Energy Network, serving as its president and championing the cause of gender equality and inclusivity in the field. As the sun sets on another day in Addis Ababa, casting its warm glow over the bustling city streets, Filagot stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, her tireless dedication and unwavering passion lighting the way forward towards a brighter, more sustainable future for her homeland and beyond.

Our Specialization

Electrical and Energy System Design & Installation
Energy Project Development and Evaluation
Policy and Market Analysis and Feasibility Study
Training and capacity development
Energy Efficiency Assessment

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