About Us

Company Overview

ON ENERGY Consult is a legally registered energy and electrical consultancy service trade in Ethiopia with an experienced staff in consulting to incorporate integrated sustainable energy solutions in buildings and infrastructure projects. ON ENERGY works with clients to integrate energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions into existing and planned electrical systems.  On Energy offers comprehensive multi-disciplinary services in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency technology development, production, and marketing, energy resource assessment, socioeconomic surveys, feasibility studies, and monitoring and evaluation, and marketing studies

Our Services

Our trade provides consultancy services to a portfolio of clients which includes construction, energy efficiency, manufacturing, real-estate, health-care, industrial parks, universities and trading companies.  We also work with architects, engineers, real estate developers, and government staff responsible for implementing energy efficiency.   As energy consultant ON ENERGY Consult designs off-grid renewable energy solutions integrated with other electrical systems. The firm provides consultancy service on cost saving, environmentally friendly and affordable renewable energy solutions to individuals, communities and corporations. We provide quality solutions through design of electrical system, project development, research, field data collection and site surveys, market analysis, and economic feasibility study.

Electrical System Design

We design energy efficient systems integrating clean energy. We the develop and supervise installation of electrical and power systems.

Energy Efficiency

We provide consulting service to renewable alternative energy projects, so that customers benefit from clean and sustainable energy.

Renewable Energy

We consult on adopting innovative energy saving solutions for construction, off-grid renewable energy solution and power systems.

Meet The Team

Founder & CEO

Filagot Tesfaye

Filagot Tesfaye is a practicing professional Electrical Engineer.

Electrical Engineer

Eyerusalem Mesfin

Eyerusalem Mesfin is an electrical engineering graduate.


Renewable Energy – Energy Efficiency – Electricity