We understand that every organization has
unique needs and challenges.
There, we step in to provide guidance. Our team of experts offers tailored advisory and consultancy services, ensuring the ideal solutions for your specific strategic direction.

Our Services

On Energy offers comprehensive multi-disciplinary services in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency technology development, production, and marketing, energy resource assessment, socioeconomic surveys, feasibility studies, and monitoring and evaluation, and marketing studies. Our services include but are not limited to Policy and Regulatory analysis and framework, market & Feasibility assessment, Project Evaluation and Monitoring, Engineering design and supervision, Technical assistance and capacity building, business strategy development, and technical and economic feasibility assessment.

We provide consultancy services to a portfolio of clients in construction, energy efficiency, manufacturing, real-estate, health-care, industrial parks, universities and trading companies.  We work with clients to integrate energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions into existing and planned electrical systems. We have a team of experienced consultants who have deep industry knowledge and expertise in their respective fields, ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality of service.

Electrical System Design

We design energy efficient systems integrating clean energy. We develop and supervise installation of electrical and power systems.

Energy Efficiency

We provide consulting service to renewable alternative energy projects, so that customers benefit from clean and sustainable energy.

Renewable Energy

We advise on adopting innovative solutions for construction, off-grid renewable energy solution and power systems.


On Energy provides professional and technical training, specialising in the field of energy. Using our extensive expertise and knowledge of the energy sector we collaborate with our clients to develop unique learning. We building effective training program involves assessing needs, setting clear objectives, using engaging content.  

Policy advisory support

We provide policy advice and implementation support to regulators,  and businesses in the adoption of strategies, policies, legislations, and regulations, related to renewable energy, climate issues.


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We assist in developing sustainable and profitable business models for companies involved in solar energy especially  PAYG. We also advise on supply chain optimization, operational efficiency, and performance improvement.

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Clean Cooking

Our clean cooking sector services include final and mid-term project evaluation, monitoring for improved cookstove projects and market assessment, and market scorecard development for advanced cookstove technologies. We have worked with Non-government organizations to provide industry-specific solutions.

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In the construction sector, we prepare detailed design systems, technical specifications, reports, and Bill of quantities. We implement local and international standards including Ethiopia building codes, infrastructure planning codes, Ethiopian Electric Utility Service code, IEC, and BS standards, and guide our clients in approval processes.

Citizen engagement

We assist governments and community organizations in designing effective citizen engagement processes in the energy sector. To ensure that the public are really involved in making decisions about their public service delivery, our experts provide guidance on effective community engagement in the local development planning process.


Renewable Energy – Energy Efficiency – Electricity 

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