Solar PV lamp assessment in Ethiopia


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ)



The project promotes sustainable investments that lead to more employment in selected geographical areas with three Areas of Interventions:
  • Capacity development of small- and medium-sized Ethiopian enterprises.
  • Collaboration with the private sector and the Industrial Park Development Cooperation (IPDC) to improve conditions for sustainable and job-creating production in industrial parks (IPs).
  • Collaboration with the private sector and the Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) to promote cooperation between Ethiopian and international companies.
  • Description of Actual Services Provided ​
    • data collection
    • desk review and compiled the existing information on current country activities on solar PV lamps, solar lamp assembly business, the capacity of Technical vocational schools and responsibilities of regulatory bodies including Federal and regional water, irrigation and energy offices, Energy authority, the regional institutions, enterprises and public service centers.
    • reviewed various reports on off-grid solar market assessment reports, country plans on energy access, and project proposal documents.
    • developed survey tools
    • identifying, categorizing and analyzing key stakeholders
    • identifying gaps in the sector and recommend potential interventions