Energy Consulting 

ON ENERGY works closely with its customers to make the right decisions by selecting energy smart technologies.  

ON ENERGY provides quality solutions through: 
– Design of energy efficient electrical system
– Retrofit electrical systems
– Design and technical specification of solar energy (photo voltaic system) solution (under discussion) 

We also offer the following services: 
– Project development Research
– Site surveys
– Cost estimates  
– Market analysis
– Economic feasibility study 

ON ENERGY has a growing sustainability portfolio.  
We conduct training activities on the benefits of ecologically, economically and socially sustainable buildings and offer off-grid power solutions  to reduce energy costs.

Electrical Engineering

ON ENERGY provides full fledged electrical design and supervision services by:
– Detail design of internal and external electrical system or distribution network,
– Site infrastructure, integrated pipeline design with other systems such as telecom and sanitary lines,
– Preparation of drawings, Specifications and Bill of quantities,
– Lighting, power outlets, socket outlets, earthing, lightening protection, telephone system, data system, master antenna TV system, fire alarm system,
– Implementation and reference of standards namely Ethiopia building codes, infrastructure planning codes,  Ethiopian Electric Utility Service,
– IEC and BS standards,
– Design report development.

Energy Contracting and Facility management 

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