Solar for Energy project

Solar for Energy project


Modify Electromechanical systems and solutions plc



Description of Actual Services Provided ​
  • Business plan development for Solar for Energy project
  • Developed roust business plan for Solar Home System retail business
  • Conducted market assessment, identified target market, designed market strategy, distribution channel, revenue model and cost structure for the project.
  • Assessed willingness to pay
  • Identified a Solar Home System (SHS) technology and assessed the adaptability with the local context based on technical performance
  • Checked the product’s quality based on international (lighting Africa) as well as local standard (ES 6087:2017)
  • Selected quality and affordable product for off-grid lighting market
  • Analyzed and identified environmental and development impact of the SHS project.
  • Conducted research of Micro-finance institutes (MFI) and their core business
  • Designed a strategy to sell SHS products through MFI where customers can take a loan with a longer-term repayment agreement
  • Identified risks and mitigating factors