Energy Loss Assessment on Welding Transformers in Ethiopia

Energy Loss Assessment on Welding Transformers in Ethiopia


Ethiopian Electric Utility



Description of Actual Services Provided ​
  • Identify Total number and type of welding transformers in Ethiopia
  • Stakeholders identification
  • Identify and assess local welding transformer manufacturers
  • Assess environmental and health impact
  • Compare energy-saving aspects of inverter-based and ordinary
  • Compare energy efficiency of locally manufactured welding transformers with imported
  • Calculate energy efficiency and determine baseline for energy loss
  • Calculate energy consumption
  • Analyze environmental and health impact of locally manufactured
  • Identify and analyze best practices of innovators
  • Provide recommendations and suggestions to set or adopt minimum performance standard
  • Provide procedures, criteria, guideline
  • Develop measurement and verification procedure, communication campaign
  • Develop project implementation budget and activity plan