Closing Gender Gaps in the Ethiopia Off-Grid Energy Sector Gender Assessment and Strategy


World Bank


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Description of Actual Services Provided
  • Understand the constraints and opportunities as perceived and experienced by women entrepreneurs in the off-grid solar sector and other relevant sectors
  • Understand the financing need and constraints for women (in households) as consumers of off-grid energy services.
  • Understand the gender equality issues at play in Ethiopian cooperatives. Given the breadth of cooperatives and their rural reach, the ADELE program plans to work closely with cooperatives.
  • Assess the status of business development support (BDS) and other ancillary services in as far as they support women to grow their businesses and access finance.
  • Provide recommendations about the state of access to finance and entrepreneurship support for women entrepreneurs and women consumers in the off-grid sector in Ethiopia
  • Identify where gaps in access exist, and what programs or services could be considered to address these gaps in a sustainable manner.